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At this weekend, I watched a moving film which is called the Wedding Dress. It describes a story between a mother and a daughter.

The mother was a wedding dress designer. She made the most beautifhl wedding dress for her customers. But she was ill, she will die…She was a strong mother, She didn’t tell her daughter about her illness and still work very hard. She decided to make a wedding dress for her lovely daughter when she grow up.

Her clover daughter knew all the things. But she was very brave. She never told everybody about her mother’ illness. She wash clothes and cook dinner by herself for her mother. She cried alone, but smile to her mother.

When I watched the film, the tears was full of my eye. They dropped one by one. I miss my mother so much beacuse I haven’t see her more than 5 month. I quickiy called my mother and told her how much I love her.

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When we mention the manners, the typical representative which emerges

quickly in our mind is British gentlemen and ladies. As far as we are concerned,

the British gentlemen and ladies are on behalf for the British traditional

culture. The more knowledge about the British manners you learn, the more

culture you will realize about the country.

Firstly, the most normal manner in the daily life is meeting manners. There

are many different kinds of meeting manners. For example, shake hands, kiss,

hand  kissing, bow or some others. As the Chinese, the British shake hands with

each other. However, between the most familiar friends or the family, they kiss

with each other on the faces which is very different from the Chinese.

Britain is a country which pays attention to the manners in public places like

the important parties or meetings. So the clothing manners are also very

cultured. Normally, when people take part in the activities in public place,

gentlemen always wear suits and ladies wear the evening dresses which show

their respect to the masters and other guests.

Another important part of going to a party attach importance to the drinking

manners. The rules of drinking are very complex, but the most significant rules

are how to cheers and how to drink. British people usually take a gentle sip

instead of finishing a glass of wine or beer at once. They also think that tossing

the glasses down, penetrating the glasses of wine to look at other people, etc,

all of those are very rude and will not welcome among people.

The British have very different eating style from the Chinese. They use forks

and knives to enjoy their meals. They also like to eat afternoon tea in the coffee

shops or at home no matter what the weather looks like. They enjoy the

leisurely life and relax after the busy work which can make them feel very


It is very common to see that the British often stand in line to wait for the

buses, lifts, the seats in restaurants. In all of the public places , they abide by

the principle of first come, first served.

When mentioning the British gentlemenwe have to say something about the

accessories. The gentlemen hats,  entlemen stickshandkerchiefs and neckties

often shows a person’s gentlemen qualities and looks very polite.

Compare with the gentlemen, the ladies think highly of their hats which have a

lot of styles. In many public places, the British ladies’ hats are the beautiful

scenery and attract many people’ attention. Even in some festival, the big

parties always have an especial part to vote the most beautiful hat. It becomes

an annual competition and attracts many ladies to join in it gradually.

Certainly, the beautiful outward appearance is just a small part to show the

qualities of gentlemen and ladies. The most important is the spirit and qualities

from inward. The real gentlemen never spit in the streets and know that to ask

a lady’s name is very rude. They have a refined style of conversation and look

courteous urbane which shows they get the excellent education.

British manners are a large subject which can study a lot of knowledge.

Between the period when I live in Britain, I have more opportunities to learn a

bout them and become a gentlemen sooner or later.

The examination is coming at 25th March. In order to study in University of Exeter, I decide to resit two subjects: Economics 1 and Business Studies 1, which didn’t get the requirements of the offer from University of Exeter. It is said that I must get 65% in my Business studies and 55% in other subjects. However, I just got 61% and 52% respectively.

My pressure is heavier than last term because I don’t study the Economic 1 and Business Studies 1 at this term, I must review them by myself. Although the college arranges some teachers help us to review the subjects, I think it is not very useful because we just have one lesson a week. I really can’t study more knowledge in the class. So, pay more time by me is very necessary.

The plan of my review is not very concrete. I change some details as the different situation in everyday. For example, I decided get up at 6 o’clock every morning. I will use half an hour to listening and half an hour to speaking. But in Tuesday, my lessons begin at 10 o’clock which is one hour later than other days. So I add one hour to reading in the morning. At some free time in college, I always in the library to do the homework or reading some news which can help my have more time to do the IELTS practice to improve my reading speed and ability.

At the weekend, I often try to go outside to visit some places of interest. When I ask some strangers the right way or realize the now words in some packing, they all can encourage my courage to communicate with other people and practice my speaking ability. So, I can review not only in the room but also in my daily life.

Every student wish to have a relax holiday after the nervous examination. So do me. I want to have a travel in Scotland with my friends and classmates. Since I have arrived, I often go to London but not other beautiful places in Britain. I think the view in Scotland is very beautiful. I want to live there some days and take more attention to understand the culture of the country especial its tradition and custom. For example the Scottish kilts and Scottish bagpipes which show the long history of Britain. After that, I want to go to visit Groombridge Village which is in the southeast of Kent. Because of the film Pride and Prejudice which was adapted by the nov el of same name wrote b y Jane Auste n in 2005 .

Reference: the pictures are from

After the winter holiday, the Spring Festival and the Festival of Lanterns, we finished the celebrations of the Christmas Day and Chinese New Year. Now, I am a girl who have moved into the age which begin at “two”. At the same time, I have been studied in Bellerdys College for Business Foundation more than four months. It is several days more than one month of the second term. I want to do some summary for myself.

In winter holiday, I went to London to have the Charismas’ Day with my uncle and aunt who came from China and my cousins who study in London. I visited a lot of interest of places like London eye, Madame Tussauds, the London Bridge, the Undersea World, etc. The travel in London opened my eyes and helped me to understand more British culture. Now, in my opinion, London is an old but fashion city which has a long history and advantage level of living.

After my happy winter holiday, a very nervous term is coming. At this term, I contact the new lessons which are CIT and Business studies 2. As I not got high marks in last term for my economics and business studies 1 which are 52% and 61% respectively, I decided study more hard-working than before. I am very poor in listening and speaking, I think I need to pay more time in the two sections.

At 2nd April, I will have the ILETS which is very important for my university. Until now, I receive three offers from University of Exeter, University of Sussex and Royal Holloway, University of London. However I am failing to apply for the offers of University of Warwick and University of Bristol. Maybe I have a little disappointment. I have to say the words which the manager said to me are true: “the opportunity to apply successfully for University of Warwick is near zero.” Therefore, I am satisfied because the three universities which gave the offers to me are also very excellent and all of them are in the countryside where my favorite is.

At free time after school, I often stay with my friends who are studying in University of Sussex. It helps me to become a brave and outgoing girl who is different from a shy and quite girl before. We travelled to Portsmouth, Seven Sisters, London and some interesting places to visit to beautiful scenery. But most of time we stay in Brighton and play with each other. My friends brought me to take part in a wedding and congratulated the couple happy forever in January.

In Spring Festival, we decorated the house very nice and made dumplings to celebrate our Chinese New Year. In 17th February, the Festival of Lanterns had been coming. We made Yuanxiao, a special snack which eat in the Festival of Lanterns and meant the reunion of whole family. We are all the oversea students who leave the hometown and family to study abroad, meet each other and gather together are our luck. We will cherish each other and regard each other as a family member.

Until now, I have been in Brighton more than five months and I adopt here completely. I like the beautiful sea and blue sky here. I like to communicate with the kind-heart people here. I am very pleasure to study here and I hope I can continue my education of university here.

In my opinion, this week is an unlucky week because I am unsuccessful in my application to the University of Warwick. Although I know the porbability to apply successful for Warwick is near zero, I still kept a little hope. However, the mirachlousness never come true. Until now, I am still waiting for other two offers which will from the University of Exeter and University of Bristol. I am very worried about them because a lot of my classmates got the offers from the two universities and some of them have had all five offers even all are conditional.

About the two conditional offers, University of Sussex asks me to get the marks for foundation programme more than 65% and the IELTS must reach 6.5 which includes the listening needs 6 and writing needs 6. Royal Holloway, University of London, asks me to get the marks more than 65% and IELTS 6.5, no other requirement. Because I got overall marks at 65% last term, I have confidence to study in the University of Sussex and Royal Hollowy. The mark of IELTS which I had half year ago was just 5. But i believe that through the four months’ study in Britain, i can get higher marks than before. However, if i get the offers from Exeter and Bristol, which will ask higher marks for foundation programme and IELTS, I must put more energy and time in my study and more hard-working than before.

Due to I am a shy and quite girl. I do not go outside very frequently in daily life even weekends. Almost time I like to stay in the study and read books like novels, prose or poesy. I enjoy the time when at a sunny afternoon, reading a book in the garden and drinking a warm Chinese tea. On holiday, I go outside for travelling frequently with my parents and friends. I love to visit the wide sea and high mountains.

Now, I am studying in Brighton where a seaside city is. Sometimes I like walking in the beach and play with the sea-gulls. I like their flying posture which seems so free and beautiful. Sometimes I stay with my friends who study in the University of Sussex. They invited me to take part in their parties and we often make dumplings, cook Chinese food together. I really enjoy the life here and I want to study the university here.

Although I just got the mid-term report form the manager’s PA at Monday, the final examination is coming soon which is arranged at 24th and 25th March.

This term, I will have the examination for Business studies 2. However, because I want to study in the University of Exeter which asks me to get 65% in Business and every module can not lower than 55%, I must resit the examination of Business studies 1 and Economics 1 which were just 61% and 52% respectively at last term.

In order to get high marks in my final examination, I pay more attention to my lessons and homework. I am never absent for my lessons and listen to the knowledge what the teachers’ said. Therefore, I study more information from the class. I often review the knowledge in my free time.

On the other hand, I prepare my IELTS examination every day. I know it is very important for me to go to the excellent university and it is a ruler to scale me if I can study well in the outstanding subject.

Every morning, I practice listening with the BBC radio or VOA which is a little slower but more suitable for me to understand the information. Every evening I try to watch an English film which can help me to practice my speaking and change my Chinese accent to the British accent correctly.

I hope I can get the excellent results in my final examination and study in the University of Exeter successfully.